Construction3000 is specialised in professional grade, portable tools which are produced to the highest standards for the construction industry, this includes diamond core drills, floor and wall saws as well as drywall / plasterboard lifts.
Our premium quality tools are tested thoroughly and are among the best available on the market.
  • 2 year worldwide warranty
  • Very efficient after-sales service assured by our centre in Geneva
  • Worldwide delivery – 1 week delay in Europe
  • Norm AFNOR ISO 9001, CE certification mark, CSA certification mark

Where are construction3000’s tools manufactured?

Construction3000’s tools are designed by the manufacturer Kemtech KSF-Europe in SWITZERLAND.

kemtech ksf

With over 45 years of experience within the invention design field, KSF, through the implementation of thorough research and development is continually setting the standard within the construction arena and upholds a culture and tradition of manufacturing excellence.

KSF takes an attitude of striving for perfection with the research and development of products, subsequent refinement and tests. KSF innovative approach led to the acquisition of over 200 international patents.

With the most modern welding equipment, CNC – machine tools and semi-robotic systems are manufactured in the production plant with careful precision and assembled by trained professionals.


Check out our professional equipment now:

Diamond core drills

Wall and floor saws