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Wall Cutter KSF CF40

Wall Cutter KSF CF40

9700,00 excl-VAT

The wall saw CF40 fits perfectly to the requirements of small single-phase sawing and is equipped with a removable motor of the black line that guarantees a long life span and long cycles, without maintenance.

The penetration is done manually using a crank located on the frame while the running is done automatically with the controller.

  • Removable electric motor
  • 220 V single phase motor 50/60 Hz – 15 Amp
  • Automatic running control
  • Very short assembly time
  • Modular construction for fast maintenance
  • Very low weight components

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CF-40 technical specifications

Power3300 W
Voltage220 V
Current15 A
Idling Speed130 / 298 rpm
Max. Blade dia.1000 mm
Max. Cutting depth400 mm
Water supplyCentralised
Rails2 x 1200 mm
Engine16 kg
Frame23 kg
Box2.4 kg
Water requirements3.5 l/min

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Weight 50 kg